Teaching and Research

Social Science Studies


   Adhering to the scientific research guideline of more academic achievements, more talents and more benefits, SDUT actively conducts social science research and consulting services.

   SDUT has strong fundamental and applied research capability on the subjects of Qi Culture, Industrial Economics, Ecological Culture, Management, Law, Informatics, Sports and Art.

   There are 2 provincial humanities and social science research institutes  (Qi Culture Research Institute and Industrial Economy Research Institute), 1 university humanities and social science research institute authorized by the Education Department of Shandong (Culture Research Institute), 1 provincial soft science research institute (Ecological Culture Research Institute of Shandong Province), 3 provincial culture and arts key disciplines (music, fine arts, and Qi Culture research). At the same time, SDUT has established 17 research centers and researchinstitutes, including Research Institute of Low Carbon Economy and Technology of Shandong Province, to better serve society and improve the regional economy.

   In recent years, researches in humanity and social science have developed rapidly; especially in the recent three years, SDUT has taken on 123 provincial and above level tasks including 13 National Social Science Foundation programs and one national soft science program. Faculty members have published over 1,765 papers, among which over 1,100 are on core periodicals, and 26 academic monographs. As many as 218 social science prizes have been granted to SDUT, among which 19 are provincial or ministerial level.


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