SDUT Party Committee Holds a Meeting on “United Front Work”


On the afternoon of June 12, SDUT Party Committee convened at the lecture hall in the Hongyuan Building to summarize the work done and to arrange the work to be done in terms of “united front work”. Those present at the meeting included school leaders, among others, Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Zha Yuxi, Yi Weiming and Zhang Jinsheng, members from the Leading Group on United Front Work (“the Group”), Secretaries of the Party Committee from different sections and members from the Committee of United Front Work. Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee and the head of the Group, chaired the meeting.

Hu Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee and the deputy head of the Group leader, delivered the work report entitled “Working together to open a chapter for the united front work,” on behalf of SDUT Party Committee.

In the report, Hu pointed out that the main tasks of the conference are to learn and put the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics and the guiding principles from the 19th National Congress into action, to fully implement the thinking and policies concerning the united front work from the central Party, the provincial Party and national, provincial universities, to summarize the united front work that SDUT has done since the 18th CPC National Congress, to figure out the problems that SDUT is faced with, to straighten out the ideas, goals and tasks for the united front work for now and future, to unify thoughts and enhance understanding, and to work together to open a chapter for the united front work under firm leadership of CPC.

In terms of the united front work to be done, Lv put forward four “further clarifications”. First, we should further clarify the role and function of the united front work for a new era. “The united front work means the most to Chinese politics,” said Lv, “and as a place where intellectuals who are not Party members gather, the university is an important base for the united front work, to which the school should pay the closet attention in the new situation.”

Second, we should further clarify the requirements and tasks of the united front work for a new era. Lv stressed that, “The requirement is to achieve great unity and solidarity. The tasks are to unite all that can be united, to consolidate all that can be consolidated and to bring into play all possible positive factors. The aims are to forge ahead in the direction of socialist modernization, to ensure the success of socialist modernization and to realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.”

Third, we should further clarify the basic policy concerning the united front work for a new era. Lv pointed out, “On the one hand, we need to consolidate the common theoretical, political foundation, to strengthen the centralized leadership of CPC, to uphold the system of socialism and China’s legal system, and to put the people’s interests above all else. On the other hand, we need to give full play to democracy, to balance commonality and diversity, and to maintain extensive contacts with people who are not Party members.”

Fourth, we should further clarify the methods and principles of the united front work for a new era. Lv stated that, “For the united front work, making contacts and friends with people outside the Party is not only its key points, but also its main means. To unite these people, we need to have ‘heart-to-heart’ talks and make friends with them. The principle of the work is to obey disciplines in our endeavor to serve the interests of our country. Of course, it’s normal to make friends with outside-Party people. However, we should draw a clear-cut line between personal friendship and friendship in the interests of public affairs; when the two are in conflict, the latter comes first. We need to keep overall situation of the country in mind, and cannot consider work outside the Party to be ‘Self-space’”.

Besides, Lv put forward specific requirements on learning and conveying the main points of the meeting, and discussing the two drafts entitled “SDUT Party Committee’s opinions on strengthening and improving the united front work for a new era” and “SDUT’s proposals of ‘one mindset’ and ‘one regulation’ on all fronts”. (Translated by Fan)

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