SDUT holds a leadership meeting to arrange the work for 2019


SDUT held a “Wuxuhui”, a leadership meeting, to arrange the work to be done in 2019 and discuss the future development of the school. Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, chaired the meeting. School leaders present at the meeting included Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi, Yi Weiming and Zhang Jinsheng. Those who attended the meeting also included the chiefs concerned from Party Committee Office, Publicity Department of the Party Committee of SDUT and United Front Department of the Party Committee of SDUT.

At the meeting, school leaders reviewed the work in 2018 in light of the spirit of the national and provincial education congresses and their respective work, summed up the achievements, analyzed the main problems and their causes, shared their opinions and suggestions on the main work in 2019 under the guidance of the 3rd Party Congress and the 13th Five-Year Development Plan. They also conducted forward-looking, strategic and overall analyses and discussions, and put forward suggestions on how to improve the quality of running a school.

Lv Chuanyi made a concluding remark, saying that this was a harmonious and fruitful meeting. He said that people at the meeting expressed their opinions and that their exchanges and discussions enabled them to recognize the situation, to be politically determined and to reach the consensus.

Lv pointed out that “Wuxu” was to strengthen top-ranking leadership with openness and bold vision from a macro perspective. He stated that, “In 2018, under the firm leadership of school leaders, with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, SDUT made great progress in terms of its future development, all the work coming to fruition. The year 2019 is the decisive year to achieve the goals and complete the tasks set in the 3rd Party Congress of SDUT and the 13th Five-Year Development Plan. We should focus on the goals of the school reform and development, enhance political awareness, strengthen team building and enhance capacity. We should adopt the problem-oriented approach, grasp the main points, take advantage of the strength, make up for shortcomings and strengthen the weakness. It is also necessary to continue to implement relevant work with precision and to define 2019 as the year of implementing work in strength, 2017 being the year of implementing work in breadth and 2018 being the year of implementing work in depth.  We should raise awareness to study and discuss political thoughts, establish work groups to fulfil the main tasks, take measures to make specific work plans, improve the supervision system, and effectively implement all the work throughout the year.”

Lv Chuanyi stressed that it was necessary to carefully sort out the consensus reached at the meeting with regard to the construction of Qingdao Research Institute, army-citizen Integrated development, the reform of education, teaching and scientific research systems, the de-administration of administrative ranks, the construction of first-rate disciplines, the co-construction by Shandong Province and State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and how to follow the policy of “prioritizing personnel”. Lv demanded relevant personnel to shoulder the responsibility to set up various work classes as soon as possible, so as to explore new ideas, methods and measures to ensure that all work can make new progress and new breakthroughs.

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