SDUT holds Prevention and Control of COVID-19 and Emergency Drill


(SDUT Online News) SDUT held prevention and control of COVID-19 and emergency drill on the afternoon of April 10th in accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the start of the spring semester, in order to do a solid job in prevention and control of COVID-19 and ensure the safety and success of all work during and after the students' return to school.

LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee, was the commander in chief, and university leaders HU Xingyu, ZHANG Xiangyun and WANG Libin acted as the on-site commanders. Members participated in the drill with a total of more than 100 people, including the staff of comprehensive coordination group for epidemic prevention and control (emergency response), medical prevention and emergency response group, student work group, education, teaching and scientific research work group, security group and environmental governance and logistics support group of SDUT, as well as student liaison officers, site liaison officers, and counselors from some academic schools.

The drill was attended by a total of more than 200 people, including leaders of Party committee of SDUT, such as LYU Chuanyi, HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng, LIU Mingyong, ZHANG Siling, as well as Li Shenmei and other leaders of the Zhangdian District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, members of the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control (emergency response) work leading group, heads of the special working group, and representatives of heads,deputy secretaries of general Party branch in charge of student work, directors of Teaching Affairs' Office, student liaison officer, staff liaison officer, site liaison officers from all academic schools.

ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of SDUT, presided over the drill and briefly introduced the basic situation of the drill.

HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, made a mobilization speech and threw out three requirements: first, we should continue to attach great importance to the prevention and control of COVID-19 and pay close attention to the work of epidemic prevention and control to ensure that we deliver satisfactory results. Second, we should act and practice just as it happens. This drill was conducted under the real environment, real condition, real procedure and real requirements and we should take the event as a real occurrence. All staff were hoped to take it seriously. Third, viewers should watch carefully and think deeply. Through observation, viewers should master the operation procedures, find out problems in time, put forward proposals and suggestions, and further improve the epidemic prevention and control program.

LYU Chuanyi announced the beginning of epidemic prevention and emergency drill of SDUT.

The drill was divided into five scenes, namely: emergency response to temperature abnormality when students return to school for examination; emergency response to self-test abnormality in dormitory after students enter the apartment for examination and registration; emergency response to the situation when students eat at canteen and feel abnormal; emergency response to the situation when students feel abnormal when they enter the teaching building for examination or during the class; emergency response to the situation when teachers feel abnormal during the class.

After the drill, a review meeting was hold in the Auditorium of the Art Center for Students. Members of the leading group of the Party committee of SDUT commented on the drill and put forward proposals and suggestions.

LYU Chuanyi pointed out in concluding speech that with the joint efforts of relevant administration offices and units, the drill was meticulous in thinking, specific in arrangement, scientific in measures and good in overall effect. As for the proposals and suggestions, relevant administration offices should sort out and study to further refine and improve, so as to strive to eliminate the problems in the bud.

In order to do a better job in epidemic prevention and emergency response, LYU Chuanyi proposed three requirements:

Firstly, the ideological understanding should be in place. At present, the situation of prevention and control of COVID-19 in China was positive with phased results, but the situation was still severe. The whole school should attach great importance to the prevention and control of COVID-19 and emergency response and further test the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control program to find problems, plug loopholes and improve the program.

Secondly, details needed to be examined repeatedly. The drill was just a theoretical model, whereas the actual situation would have suddenness and specificity, which was quite different from the theoretical model. Therefore, it was necessary to make the scenario more complex and achieve full coverage. At the same time, we should highlight the key points and focus on the links that were easy to cause problems. We needed to go through the details over and over again to make sure there was no mistake.

Third, the responsibility should be fully implemented. The responsibility should be carried out step by step, each administration office or unit, post or person should be clear about their responsibilities. We should do a good job in the training of the staff, so that every teacher and student can do their best to learn, to know and to do. Remember not to take chances; the derelict personnel would be blamed. We would prevent very strictly.

ZHANG Xiangyun pointed out that the drill was not only a summary and test of the work done in the early stage of epidemic prevention and control of our school, but also a new starting point for the next step of prevention and control of COVID-19. SDUT should start from a new starting point, bravely shoulder the responsibility and put the requirements of the party committee into practice so as to implement the measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 and welcome students back to school safely and smoothly.

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