Zibo is endowed with splendid natural scenery and rich cultural landscape.

Linzi, in the east of Zibo, once the ancient capital of Qi, is a national historical and cultural city. Long history has left many precious cultural relics while producing a large number of famous figures such as Jiang Shang, Duke Huan of Qi, Guan Zhong and YanYing. Jixia Academy (the earliest higher institution in China), Linzi Museum of Ancient Chariots, the Sacrificed Horse Pit, Tian Qi Tombs, Museum of the History of the State of Qi and a large number of other historical relics constitute the essence of Qi Culture Tourism.

Zichuan, located in central Zibo, is hometown of Pu Songling, who wrote the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Pu’s Former House is a quiet quaint courtyard where the author’s life and works are fully displayed to the visitors.

Southern mountains constitute natural scenery tourist area. Lushan, one of the four famous mountains in Shandong Province, Kaiyuan Karst Cave and the Great Wall of Qi on Yanshan are attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad.

Zhoucun in Zibo’s west, famous for its silk, is an important commercial port. The well preserved street built in Qing Dynasty and Mengshan Lake are good places for tourists.

In addition, Yiyuan Caverns, Zhao Zhixin Memorial in Boshan, Wang Yuyang Memorial in Huantai , Gaoqing Yellow River Tourism and many other natural and cultural landscapes exist in Zibo.

 Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City


Zhoucun Sesame Seed Cake Museum


Pu Songling Memorial


Big Dye-house


 Lushan National Forest Park


Boshan Kaiyuan Karst Cave, China Ceramics Museum, Zibo Liaozhai Park














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